Hello and thank you for visiting CDHPIX, a family-run Photography company based in the heart of Shropshire. Over the years I have undertaken many different markets within the photography industry, from School Photography to Weddings, Commercial, Landscape and Live Sports. The last year has been a difficult one. In 2019 I suffered a bout of pneumonia which knocked me for-six. With a long recovery period, I can no longer be prepared to let my clients down or put my health at further risk by over-doing-it therefore as of immediately, CDHPIX is changing toward "Im doing this for the pleasure" rather than doing it for clients. CDHPIX will still be operating, but will be more targeted toward the beautiful things in life, that we perhaps all take too much for granted. I'd like to take myself back there and hopefully - you, the viewer, with me. All photographs will be for sale, as usual, but will only be sold, framed the way they are meant to be. I am going to head toward a more "artistic" me, rather than a client- driven "this is what I want" business. Certain prints may have a limited runs on them, giving them real value - and who knows, if you purchase one, a few years down the line when your grand kids get to see it, it may be worth more than what you had purchased it at. I will be blogging my way through it all, as I take a journey to god knows where - I am just going to let life take me there. I have been thinking of getting my 7 year daughter into photography, she has a keen eye so maybe, seeing everything again, through a 7 year old's eyes, will get me seeing things in a new perspective too. Take care and please, do bookmark my page. There will be some changes to the over the coming weeks and months, I have tens of thousands of images to sort through at the moment and I will need to chronologically sort through them while writing a little story to accompany the images.
CDHPIX Photography